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Welcome to Boulder Beer Company, Colorado’s First Microbrewery. Check out our site for Brewery History, Beer Information, Pub Location and Menu, Brewery Tour info and more.

We’ve been Crafting Fun since 1979 and are glad you’re stopping by.

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Boulder Beer Company, Colorado’s First Craft Brewery, is pleased to announce their new Director of Sales – Judd Belstock – who joined the team on May 4th.

As Director of Sales, Judd will lead the Boulder Beer sales team and work directly with their distributor network to maximize the growth of the Boulder Beer brands and provide strategic direction for the business and market development.

“We are stoked to have Judd joining our...


Saturday, May 9th, 7-9pm

Beer and chocolate... two of the most loved culinary indulgences for centuries. Why do we love them so? Do they go together? You bet! Rich, full flavored beers can balance the sweetness of many desserts and rich, roasty beers, in particular, make wonderful companions to the roasted notes in chocolate. If you have never tried this decadent fellowship of beer and chocolate, you are missing something very special,...


IMMINENT DESTRUCTION AND RESCUE - Ingenious use of resources continues to help Lyons recover

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, with help from their long time community collaborator, Boulder Beer, organized a volunteer Emergency Willow Harvest to make good use of native willow plants which were being removed as part of the CDOT Highway 36 construction project. Volunteers sprang into action salvaging mature native coyote willow plants by...